Penwortham, Preston

Payment Options

Clear View Window Cleaning

Direct Debit

This payment method is popular as you only need to set it up once. Payment will be taken 3 working days after your windows have been cleaned and you have received an invoice through your letterbox and to your email address. Payment will not be taken if your windows have not been cleaned and/or you have not received an invoice. 

Bank Transfer (BACs)

Our most popular payment method, BACs is done via your own bank online or over the phone. We provide you with our account details when we leave you an invoice so you can easily send a payment when we have been.

Debit/Credit Card

You can pay by debit/credit card securely here on our website. To do so Click Here.


You can send a paypal payment by clicking the following link. PAY VIA PAYPAL


Cash can be paid when your windows are cleaned or collected at a convenient time, alternatively you can leave cash in a safe place and let us know.


Cheques can be sent to the address provided on your invoice that you receive through your door, or to find our address visit the Contact Us page.